Forensics Analysis

A forensic analysis report provides all the information, circumstances and conclusions found about a suspicious incident with all the evidences from every device involved in the incident; identifying various security aspects and pin pointing threats along with developing a time-lined chain of events to be able to present in case of legal questioning. The key skills required to conduct such task is deep knowledge about data structures, carving techniques, patterns analysis and protocol awareness of modern security threats


Firewall Policy Generation

Installing a firewall on an active, currently unsecured network segment is easier said than done. Through labor-intensive manual log inspection, administrators try to identify legitimate business traffic and create a rule base or ACL that will meet both security and business objectives. Given the complexity of network traffic today, this process is not only tedious and in many cases, organizations opt to leave certain segments unsecured rather than risk downtime to crucial business services. Through a firewall policy generation service, ZISS generate a strict firewall rules and evaluate the current deployed firewall policy without affecting the business services..


Malicious Traffic Identification

Traffic analysis is the process of examining the data flowing through a network by establishing client/server relationships regardless of physical topology to visualize traffic patterns in behavioral clustering obtaining a clear image of communications. It can be used to reveal hacking attempts, abnormal usage, policy violations, misuse and anomalies that couldn’t be found by normal scans or automated devices.