Secure Software Development

By integrating security measures into your SDLC
not only you make your software more secure but
makes it more stable. We provide our services
starting from the requirement analyses phase till.
the testing phase and make sure your software
is secure from the beginning till the deployment
to your customers.

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Security Assessment

Security Assessment involves identifying
vulnerabilities, reviewing configurations and
, functionality testing at the network
system and host level.
ZINAD provides you with all the assessment
you need to keep your infrastructure secured.

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Penetration Testing

We provide both external and internal
pentesting services. External pentest focuses
on weakest points, whether the weakest
link is the application, the network or the personnel.
Internal pentest mimics an attack originating from
inside the company, perhaps from a malignant or
disgruntled employee, or a hacker who managed
to get inside the internal network.

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Security Compliance

Our services include developing ISO 27001
compliant Policies and procedures, Risk Assessment
and Gap Analysis to let our customer know
about the current security posture.
We also offer standardized methodology of PCI Certification.
Through our PCI audit team of qualified personnel.
we can clearly segregate your PCI scope.

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Incident Handling & Forensics

We provide forensics examinations for infrastructure,
Network, Hidden data and metadata.
We also provide malware analysis and other
reverse engineering services, Traffic analysis
Identifying various security aspects and pin-pointing .
threats that could not be found through
normal scans or automated devices .

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Security Operation Center

We can help your organization overcome
the relevant hurdles that stand in the
way of organizing, implementing and running
a successful SOC that is embedded in the
overall cyber threat management framework.

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We Support you With IT Security LifeCycle

Security practices and activities should be conducted throughout the whole software development lifecycle.

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Accomplishment in Numbers
2018 has been a wonderful year for ZINAD exceeding expectations while
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