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CSS ( Crowdsourced security services ) that serves the main important arms in cybersecurity industry; the cyber security professionals, Researchers, customers and fresh graduates. The main scope of the platform is to enrich the cybersecurity content, enhance knowledge maturity of the Arabian cybersecurity personnel, assist entities and companies by providing them with the needed cybersecurity services that helps protecting their assets, information and applications. All in one single platform which will save a lot of time and effort.

CSS is composed of main three modules

Bug Bounty

A reward-based penetration testing program

Education & Learning

Covering variety of cybersecurity topics

Social Networking (ZiLink)

Linking companies to cybersecurity engineers and researchers


Which is mainly made for cybersecurity engineers and fresh grades to learn more about cybersecurity topics, acquire new skills and get certified.

The educational modules cover three main components


Recorded cyber security sessions & classes made by professionals who have a proven hands

Capture The Flag (CTF)

A Cybersecurity CTF is a competition between security professionals and/or students learning about cyber security. These competitions are mainly used as a learning tool for everyone who is interested in cyber security and it can help sharpen the tools they have learned during their training.


Is a highly practical, interactive training component that focuses on secure coding techniques and methodologies that can enhance the skills of both application developers and cyber security professionals who interact directly with source code and application functions on their daily work environment. This component uses real-world examples, walking through real code samples, using sample live applications where researchers can interact and learn to find out about vulnerabilities in their code. Participants will learn how to discover, debug, and mitigate these flaws through better coding best practices. The tool educates professionals on how to secure applications from flaws found on against standards i.e OWASP Top 10 ,CWE/SANS and more.


It's a social networking module that gathers and links companies with cybersecurity professionals and researchers –which makes it easier for the companies to find and hire people with high expertise in cybersecurity field and also help the platform’s users to find job opportunities as well.


Bug Bounty module is a crowdsourced penetration testing program that rewards researchers for finding security bugs and ways to exploit them. This module is for researchers/cybersecurity professionals through which they have the chance to enhance their skills on different assessment domains and get paid for find some security vulnerabilities. The rewarding/payment to researchers will be based on contracting with customers directly through private or public programs.

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