ZINAD ASPIRE Reshapes ZINAD’s Internal Corporate Behaviors

ZINAD Annual Corporate Event is now called ZINAD ASPIRE, breathing new corporate spirit.

Dubai, UAE – 2 Jan 2022 – ZINAD held its annual corporate event this year under the name of ZINAD ASPIRE, capitalizing on the concept of the verb with ambitions towards achieving a set of elements in 2022 on several fronts, wither it’s internally by establishing a more harmonious work environment by improving the internal communications among employees and across departments to eliminate distortions and delays or externally by increasing ZINAD’s global operations via a global expansion strategy by opening new businesses horizons and expanding to promising markets such as USA.

It didn’t stop there ZINAD ASPIRE also aims to periodically and constantly enhance and update its suit of products and services with functional innovation to always be a step ahead and adaptive to a rapidly changing market and industry.

In a celebratory environment ZINAD recognized the efforts of each and every single member of its big family, with motivating speeches, energetic games and recognition awards in a loving and enthusiastic atmosphere, ZINAD ASPIRE sat the tone for the next promising year of 2022 to be more innovative, fruitful, filled with achievements and success stories breaking new grounds and invading uncharted territories in the cybersecurity universe.

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ZINAD is one of the leading information security companies with a global presence. Providing innovative security awareness products and solutions alongside several top-notch cybersecurity services.

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